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  • Designed for all-day wearing comfort with two protection pads : while other straight holders rub off the armpits, cause pain and damage the skin - the UchFit straight straps are made of breathable neoprene material, made for extra comfort they can be worn under and over the clothes, there are no skin irritations and excessive wear is also prevented during the day with two underarm pads to remove
  • Easy adjustment guaranteed : the collarbone bandage is adjustable for a chest circumference between 63 cm and 127 cm and is suitable for both men and women. Shoulder straps allow you to adjust the straight holder without having to rely on the help of third parties.
  • We are there for you : we are pretty sure that you will love our back support, so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, send us the product back and we will transfer the money back. The UchaFit Straightener is designed to provide you with a tool for a healthy lifestyle, for both men and women. Say goodbye to the humpy attitude or get money back!
  • Relief of back pain : Poor posture has negative influence in many areas of our lives, it has a lasting effect on sitting posture or impacts the ability to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Our straight holder promotes optimal back, neck and shoulder posture. Reduces tension and relieves pain in these areas. UchaFit offers a way to support both the thoracic vertebrae in their natural posture as well as with the help of
  • Attractive radiation and self-confidence : it's time to say goodbye to bad posture. The human environment can easily identify the degree of confidence based on your posture. A wonderful life is always in harmony with complacency. Our adjustable design straightener, discreet enough to be worn under dresses or above. The potential of your body height is fully exploited, so you can enjoy a good por anywhere